Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Letter to Park Jaebum (2PM..always..)

DEAR PARK JAEBUM (2PM~~~u’ll always be 2PM!!!)

You said to breakup and you’re hurrying
As if you want to stay away from us faster
Although we asked you if you could stay over so many times
No no were the same replies

As if we never loved from the beginning
You, say that you can live, but
The fact is we can’t
And we know that you too..Can’t live without us and the other members..

Though we breakup now
Though you turn around for now
We trust that you’ll come back again

Because we can’t do anything
Though our tears fall
The day that you return
I’ll stand, smiling in your presence

We want to stay a little longer but we are not able to do so if it’s not you
You keep on cheering our world with your words and performance

You say that we won’t able to see each other from tomorrow
And you try to turn around but
We can’t do that

There are a lot of your good comments from years ago..
But why they were only saw you lonely words..
I love you more than you think you know

Though we breakup now
Though you turn around for now
We trust that you’ll come back again

Because we can’t do anything
Though our tears fall
The day that you return
I’ll stand, smiling in your presence

P/S This is the song from 2AM ~~You’ve Turned Fround For Now ~~ but I adjusted a few words (italics words).. This is really what I feel right now..




We lost~~
We cried~~
We can’t sleep~~
We can’t eat~~
We can’t concentrate on doing our job~~

I tried not to think too much about you..
I tried to watched dramas and other shows...
Hoping that they’ll erase my bad feeling at that time..
But after watched them..
I realized that this moment is real!!
I can’t even forget you no matter how hard I tried..

I almost get into an accident this morning...
Because my mind wasn’t there..
I just keep on driving on the clear, straight road...
And didn’t paid attention to the other busy roads..

I can’t even sleep..
but of course eventually I slept..
But I kept dreaming of you...and 2PM..
Until I woke up for sahur at 5AM..
After that, I can sleep for only 30 minutes ... (peacefully because I’m full already..)
And then I have to get ready to go to work again...

While working, listening at Kpop Songs..
I keep repeating 2PM and 2AM’s songs..
It hurts me when he sang...
His lovely voice..
His great body..
His awesome performance..
All of it keep playing on my minds..

I don’t know what will happen to me next..
Will my days be the same without him..
Even though I’m not his diehard fans..
But I’m his group diehard fans!!!
It is not same without all of them..
Even though it’s not Jaebum..
Even though it’s Taecyeon..
Even though it’s Wooyoung..
Even though it’s Nickhun..
Even though it’s Junsu..
Even though it’s Junho...
Even though it’s Chansung..
I’ll be doing this..
Crying all over again..
Because they are ONE!!!
And I know 2PM also have a hard time now..
But there’s nothing that we can do..
Just pray and hope...
That everything will be settled down..PEACEFULLY...

Park Jaebum..
We hope that you’ll have very nice day with your family..
We know that they’ll support you
and give you the energy that you need the most..
And remember that we too..
Will always there for you..
We’re sending our love and support from afar..
Don’t you forget us..because we’re not..
Please come back safely and stronger..

From~Vie@huntress (crying when i heard that you cried & said sorry to ur mother!!!)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

erieynn is mad. someone stole her picture

DO NOT RE-EDIT THESE PICTURE. erieynn found this person who took her picture and claim it hers. and she is mad now. the original picture was post here


this is erieynn's post about it..


EDIT* I have took out erieynn's post as she said the girl had apologize...
i hope there is no more stealing other picture's anymore.. remember, we work hard for it!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

The 8tv eNews is out!!

Finally, 8tv was airing the news regarding the SS501 Fanmeeting in Malaysia 030909..

We managed to watched it on TV and grab the video from 8tv.com.my.

And we proud to said that our Kpop Supporters - whistbassist, erieynn, kiriezz, k dayah & una were captured in the video!!

Here some pics taken from whistbassist's blog..

Credit to: http://www.whistbassist.blogspot.com/ , http://www.8tv.com.my/

credit to: 8tv.com.my, 8tv eNews (4th Sept 2009), http://www.whistbassist.blogspot.com/, www.erieynn.blogspot.com

SS501 03092009 Youtube Videos

more videos coming in after this.. please stay with us
All videos credit to: http://www.whistbassist.blogspot.com/ http://www.erieynn.blogspot.com/
they will upload more..

P/S the video posted here were smaller than the one in youtube (due to the limitation of the layout)..u can go to youtube for better quality..







ss501 03092009 KLIA departure

credit to 4huntress.blogspot.com
please take out with full credit.

SS501 03092009 Malaysia fanmeeting

Sharing with all of you, picture from the Malaysia Fanmeeting with SS501.
I got a lot of trouble getting this picture, and appreciate if you give full credit if you want to take this out.

credit to: 4huntress.blogspot.com

more picture coming in after this.. please stay with us
for more picture, please visit erieynn.blogspot.com, whistbassist.blogspot.com . they will upload soon today..

Thursday, September 3, 2009